He is a snake from India, Phyton  molurus albina. He is nowadays 3 meters long; his color is white and yellow. He delights and attracts with his exotic beauty.

It’s important to highlight that one of snake characteristics is their sensibility. This can transform them to perfect animals to live with human beings. They are kind, sensitive, and in special Thot, he’s charismatic.

If we notice the old Egyptian legends, they affirm the knowledge of this animal. It was mummified in the Old Egypt.  In caduceus, medicine symbol, there’s a snake, representing the “cure”


Family: Boidae
Popular name: Indian Piton
Cientific name: Pyton Mollurus Bivittatus.
Color: Albino (white and yellow)
Natural Habitat: Rain Forests
Food: carnivorous
Reproduction: oviparous (18 to 55 eggs)
Lifetime: about 25 years.
Size:  even 6 meters
Habits: nocturne

How does he live?

He’s an animal which lives free at home with me. He doesn’t live captivity. He has more three  brothers : Rah, Horus and Shiva.   They live and live together in perfect harmony. They don’t fight and divide the territory and the mother, me, with out problems.


Frequency of alimentation: He eats rats once each ten days. It’s good wait all the processo of digestion : they ingest, they digest, they defecate, we wait a break of four days and after we can feed them again.

Obs: When he’s changing skin it’s very common he doesn’t eat. It’s like he was dressing a small clothe so, he loses his mobility and potential, and by the way he also loses a little bit his vision.

Where does THOT  sleep?

There are two different situations: hot and cold. When it’s cold I put one oil heating on, beyond a ceramics lamp,  what makes the ambient very comfortable in the fall or winter. But where he most like sleeping is under my wrap, because he’s used to heat with my body heat.

I think they  feel  safe lying beside me. I’m very happy knowing they  prefer  me than the heating. My heat waves are so high. Hehehe

When it’s hot they  stay beside them natural pool, on the bed or beside me. They  love  bed! It’s too late, They’re  spoiled.

Otherwise, I think it’s all my fault, in a good way, because I spoil them  so much. I kiss each one,  I caress them  all time they’re  with me, everywhere they  show  me they want to go, as soon as I can I take them. It’s a great tenderness and I love it. I wouldn’t change this feeling for any money in the world.

It’s necessary explain some points, like this; how can a snake have expression? Then I answer, yes it can; and I can say more, if THOT and his brothers  have  expression it’s because they have feelings. In my daily routine with THOT I can notice when he express tenderness, boredom, curiosity, happiness, attention and other feelings. After when came the others babies snakes I can say that I have learned much more about the snakes, because each one of them has one different personality. RAH is protector, sensible and pretty affectionate. HORUS is mischievous and very independent. SHIVA is sweet like  a child. THOT is sweet and has a wise and zen nature. Finally, they are different and express themselves each one different ways. THOT, RAH and SHIVA love dance.  HORUS doesn’t like dance, Then, I respect him.  They  play like children sometimes. It’s funny when one of them opens the door and the others go behind. Yeah, that’s it, they learned to open the door through body pressure on the knob.

Thot and his brothers  in a special way aren’t   common snakes, despicable, put it down in words. I know they’re  snakes because they  eat  like one and has other functions of snakes  but in our day by day I’ve been learnt so much.  I believe that because they  live free, they  has space and freedom enough to develop them  intelligence and habits.  They  have  different opportunities of choice and by this way he can develop them  manners, them  daily routine and different of other snakes, because he doesn’t live closed in an aquarium. Freedom and tenderness always. They only stay in a box when they are being transported.

Most people for not knowing a snake behavior may think they’re cold and insensitive animals. We have some keepers that say the same thing and even I’m raving.

Unfortunately, not at all, but some of them, have the intention of selling and earning money with these animals.  It’s difficult for someone who keeps these animals selling or renting, just for ones who look only money, although they are not at all.

This way, we can’t generalize, but even though the focus in this case is love for the animal. I don’t want to or intend to judge anyone; but I left my testimonial to people to see how different the things can be.  After all who makes the difference are us.

My testimonial is here for anyone who wants to read, to know better and to understand a possible relationship of love and tenderness between a human being and an animal.

I believe that’s my love, my attention that makes my acquaintanceship in a so healthy relationship. I’m sure in this history we can only get good things and better results for the human beings.

We cannot forget one thing; we arrived after them in Earth. I keep saying it’s our duty learning how to deal with animals and respect them.  After all, it keeps the ask: Who is at the top? Who’s the example? Think about it.

In the performances is clear the interaction we have, and after the performances it is normal the people come and talk to me asking to see and touch him. He really enchant people and lots of time He enchant with people.

There are lots of question and sometimes they are the same, but I don’t matter of answering because every one takes a message for their lives and other ones lives, and it’s what really worthwhile. It is an important register, isn’t it? A Picture can remember a moment in life but the feeling will be forever inside you.

And then the phrase “Live and let they Live” really starts make sense…
Giselle Kenj

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