DRT: 13.315
CRB: 006217
OMB (def.): 27.414.

Giselle Kenj

SINGER AND COMPOSER: Bachelor degree in Erudite Singing
VOCAL EDUCATOR/ THEATER: The Beauty and the Beast (Musical for infants and adolescents) – The Procópio Ferreira Theater, As Larvas (Gabriela Alves) – Paulista Theater, Blue Jeans (Humberto Martins/ Dir. Wolf Maia)- Palladium.
THEATER – The play “Lês Enfants Du Paradis” (Cast “Blue Jeans” / Character: the Sister who likes to gossip and the Magician`s Assistant) -1992/ actress.


COMMERCIALS: Eletropaulo, C&A the Dance Competition, Telesena Real, Lacta/Sonho de Valsa, Elma Chips/Raffles (protagonist/carnival), C&A/Spring-Summer (Tribe) 99, Kaiser (Raymunda) –99/2000, C&A São Joâo 2003.
SHORT FILMS: 1994 – “Utero” and 1998 – “Todo Dia Todo”. (“All Day All”).
CLIP: Professor Antenna / 1998 – The Dance of the Spade.
SCENARIO: Created and produced the Arabian scenario for the commercials of the Brazilian Connection, using the “Feticeira do H” as the protagonist – TV “ Banderantes” – ( recorded on April, 15 – The Tent, December, 22 – The Palace /1999).
THEATER: SACERDOTISAS (Priestesses) The exclusive performance of the Oriental Dance was hold in Nunes Francisco Theater, Belo Horizonte on September 30, 1998. Creation, direction and choreography is Giselle Kenj.
STYLISTS, BRAND NAMES, FASHION SHOWS: Besides inaugurating the fashion shows with the performances, creates the choreography for evens and special themes in accordance with the brand name. Stylists and events: Heitor Wernek, Alexandre Hercovitch, Shina Sekine, Tony & Robby Atellier (Belly Dancing), Mercado Persa (Persian Market). The participation in TV fashion shows and others.
THEATER: The play “E Ela Pensa Que é Normal?” (And she thinks she is normal?) (Rosi Campos/Sebastian C&A). Choreography, gestures (the character Keiko) and preparation of body expression of the cast is Giselle Kenj.
The Body-Language/ Choreography/Gestures: Body-Training and Choreography for the whole cast of the play “As Filhas da Terra” (“The daughters of Earth”), directed by Creusa Borges. 2005.
Dance Co. Giselle Kenj: The leader of the group of the Oriental Dances and Folkloric Arabs, promoting the Egyptian and Arabian culture to the whole Brazil and all around the world.
INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCES: May-June, 1996 – Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland); 1998 – Europe (France, Germany); 2001 –Europe (UK, France, Spain); 2002 – Europe (Ireland and France).
SHOW NURENAHAR, A EGÍPCIA, solo dancing and choreography by Giselle Kenj, with Caio Ignácio – a musician. The special participation of the Indian albino snake – Thot.
TEACHER/COLLEGE/1996 – Marcelo Tupinamba`s  Dance College.
TEACHER/SCHOOL: From March 1994 until October 2002 – Yoga Mudra: “ The holy Art of Belly Dance”.
WORKSHOPS. THE BELLY DANCE: Egyptian and Arabian styles, Oriental Folklore end Body-Therapy in Sao Paulo, Brazil and overseas.

Teacher / Agencies

SUCESSO & SUCESSO: Belly Dance Teacher, Body Expression, Body Language, Verbal Communication. Models Courses, workshops – 1998/99.
Flash book and Brazil Central: Belly Dance Teacher and Body Language –1999 and 2000.

WRITER: Magazines “Oriente Encanto e Magia” (The Orient, The Enchantment, The Magic) “Orient Express”, the monthly informative magazine of the Arabian community ( from 1997 until now).
• REPORTS: (INTERVIEWS): The Magazine “Veja”(“LOOK”) Sao Paulo, The Magazine of Folha, The Magazine“Iris Foto”, The Magazine “Marie Claire”, The Magazine “Homs” (The Club Homs/ the Cover), The Magazine “Ana Maria”, “Folha da Tarde”, “Diário Popular”, Isto É, VOGUE RG, Isto É Online, Fashion News (Internet), Site IG-Último Segundo, Site Morango/Babado
INTERVIEWS AND REPORTS IN THE ELCTRONIC MEDIA (TV and RADIO) – from 1992- present. As an actress, singer, dancer and therapist.
• STAGING AN EVENT “JUNHO VAI TER 1001 NOITES” (June will have 1001 Nights) – Shopping Mall Center Paulista- Sao Paulo-S.P/1997- 30 days. Staging of the event, organization of the entertainment, participation in the Bedouin dance as the dancer and as a teacher in the Belly Dance.
• STUDYING THE MODERN BALLET with RUTH RACHOU (BRASIL) / ORIENTAL FOLKLORE: GassamFadialla (Nova York) e Shokry Mohamed (Spain)
May 5 – Ed. Moderna (The Modern Building)- The Presentation of the Book “Dança do Ventre, uma Arte Milenar” (“The Belly Dance. The Millenar Art”) / The Belly Dance.
May 9 – Ed. Asa Amarela (The Yellow House Building)- The Presentation of the book “Capitão Mouro” (“The Captain Mouro”) /The Bedouin Dance.
SHOW: BRAZIL-MIDDLE EAST CONNECTION.GRAN MÉLIA – Hotel “Sao Paulo”- The I Executive Women´s Forum. Participation: The Belly Dance and Folklore- September, 1998.
– The Magazine “ Jovem Pan”. Cover and the poster. June 2000
– Photo-trail with the actress Maria Paula for a internet cite Paparazzo ( -January 2004
The Egyptian dance with Giselle Kenj
“LA BOTEQUILA”. Adolfo Tabacow st, 152. phone: 822-4717. Fridays and Saturdays. From March 1999 until March 2000.
GITANA :  From March to June 2000.  June and july 2004 and  July 2005, with a solo dancing career.
• MONTE CRISTO : from august 2003 to march 2005 – leader from belly dancers, creating the shows
• HELL’S ANGELS Moto Club : every Saturdays, from march to October 2004.
• ÉBANO : every Tuesdays, from October 2004 to april 2005.
• OLD VIC PUB : august and September 2005.
• SESC BERTIOGA : presenting ISHTAR SHOW on november 07 and 30, 2005.
• TRANSAMÉRICA HOTEL : Show ISHTAR on Reveillon 2006/2006.
• AUTÊNTICO : every Thursdays, from march to may 2006.
• ELEFANTE Bar : Egyptian Night, every Thursdays, from june29 to October 27 /2006.
RANCHO DO VINHO : every Thursdays from February to april 2007.
• TANTRA Restaurant – Vila Olimpia ( 364, Chilon Avenue, São Paulo ): Egyptian Dance accompanied of musician, every Saturdays since march, 2001 until now.
• TANTRA Restaurant – Granja Viana ( 988, São Camilo Avenue. São Paulo ) : Egyptian Dance accompanied of musician, every Fridays since january22, 2010 until now.
• TANTRA Restaurant – Tatuapé ( 721 Itapura Street, São Paulo ) : Egyptian Dance accompanied of musician, every Thursdays since February, 2014 until now.
• TANTRA Restaurant – ABC ( 627, Piauí Street , São Paulo ) : Egyptian Dance accompanied of musician, every wednesday since February, 2014 until January 2015. Since February 2015, every Sunday, at 02:00 pm.
• DUNAS : special belly dancer , accompanied of Mohamad Azra ( singer ) and George Mozayek ( derbake ).
• TRIXMIX Cabaret : Egyptian Dance since july 2010.
• CABARET by Heitor Werneck : since 1998.
Created and leaders Giselle Kenj Co ( Egyptian and Arabian Culture and Dance Company ) : since January 2007.
• MEDIA “TELEVISIVA” (The Video producer “Indie”): The performance dance with the albinic Serpent Thot, accompanied by the band “Os Anjos” (“The Angels”)
• CD “TANTRA LOUNGE” – The musical composition. Vocal: music n 7. Distributed in Brazil and abroad.
• CD “ TANTRA RESTAURANT” – The musical composition. One track . 2008
• CD “TANTRA DANCE FLOOR” – The musical composition   Five tracks. 2008
• CD “Buddha Lounge vol. 8 – The musical compositions. 3 tracks. Azul Music Record.
• CD “Spirit of  Buddha” – Ambichater / the musical composition. Azu1 Music Record
• CD “ Spirit of Belly Dance” – Hipnose / the musical composition. Azul Music Record.
• Studies and works out Pole Dance on AV Pole Dance Studio, with the pionner of POLE DANCE in Brasil, Alexandra Valença, since January 2011.
• Performed on VIRADA CULTURAL of  São Paulo / BRASIL as Belly Dancer in 2012. COPAN STAGE / CABARET STAGE.
• Performed on VIRADA CULTURAL of São Paulo / BRASIL as singer ( musical composition ) and belly dancer in 2013. CABARET STAGE.
• Performed  as singer and belly dancer on EROTIKA collection launching of CHILLI BEANS in São Paulo / 2013.
• Performed on VIRADA CULTURAL of São Paulo / BRASIL as belly dancer  in 2014. CABARET STAGE.

TV : Giselle Kenj has been performing as Belly Dancer on better TV Programs of BRASIL. Search TV on site

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